Courtroom Information Project

Our Mission: To inform and educate members of the legal profession on the appearances and capabilities of our nation's courtrooms.

The Courtroom Information Project is designed to give courtroom participants the visual and technological information they need in preparing for trial in any participating courtroom in the U.S. The Courtroom Information Project is presented by Courtroom 21 , the world leader in court technology demonstration, experimentation, training and education, located at the College of William and Mary.

Today, courtrooms vary in size, layout, and technology- all factors that play a significant role in the determination of trial presentation strategies. Even differences such as the amount of ambient light, the distance and line of sight between counsel and the trier of fact, and the location of monitors and screens are considered by courtroom presenters. Most lawyers find themselves with an advantage when arguing in a familiar setting.

The Courtroom Information Project offers photographs and information on each participating courtroom's available technology in an effort to educate all court participants before trial.