Full Courtroom Details

Courtroom Name: Judge Tom Parker
Creation Date: 2003-11-13
Last Modified: 2013-12-10

Available Techologies:  
Analog Phone
Attorney Monitors
Counsel Laptop Projector
Digital Audio
Document Camera
Evidence Presentation Cart
Infrared or Wireless Headphones
Judge Monitor
Juror Monitors
Overhead Projector
Plasma Screen
Podium Laptop Projector
Speaker Phone
Touch Screen Annotation
Video Conferencing
Witness Monitor

Technical Restrictions: Comments:
DVD also available.

Courtroom Floorplan
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Directions to Courthouse
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Evidence Presentation Cart
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View from Judicial Clerk's Seat
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View from the Defense Table to the Witness Stand
View from the Entrance to the Courtroom
View from the Judge's Bench
View from the Jury Box
View from the Prosecution Table to the Witness Stand
View from the Witness Stand